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Cashback service Rakuten

Ebates is a cashback service company that rewards you with cashback for your purchases from the partner stores listed on its website. This top cashback site was founded in 1999 and it boasts more than 10 million members. It runs one of the biggest loyalty programs in the world, which is free of charge.

This company is a part of the well-known Rakuten group of companies. You must have heard about the famous NBA team-Golden State Warriors. Ebates is their official shopping rewards partner. It lists over 2500 online merchants and some specialty boutiques. You can opt to purchase from any of these stores and get the cashback from the site.

Some of the popular stores you can find here are Amazon, eBay, Kohl’s, Walmart, and Macy's. It offers a maximum cashback of an amazing 40% of the purchase value.

In this Ebates review, we provide you with a brief account of its business model. You will understand how this company works and makes money and how to use Ebates in a store.


How does Ebates work?

Is this company legit? Is it possible for a company doing legit business to offer such huge rewards free of charge? If you understand how it works, all your doubts will be gone.

Ebates has over 2500 partner stores listed on its site. If you follow any of those links, visit the online store and buy a product, Ebates will get a commission from the merchants. This commission is shared with you. Actually, Ebates will pass on the lion’s share of the commission it receives to the user and will only retain a small portion of it as profit. So this is a process that benefits the customer, the merchant and the cashback site. The store acquires a large number of new customers as Ebates is a very popular service provider. Putting an ad on Ebates is very cheap compared to a regular advertisement and is much more effective. Moreover, the store pays the company a commission, only if it gets some sales from the Ebates route. So it's a win-win situation for everyone involved. Now that you have learned how it makes the money, it’s high time to get a better idea of the process.

How to make purchases with Ebates?

To avail the cashback benefits from Ebates, first you need to create an account on the website. You have to give your Email address to do this. You can also choose to use your FB Profile for signing up. Then you have to visit the Ebates website and go to a listed store of your preference from there. When you buy something from any of the partner stores, you will get cashback, which will be credited to your cashback account within 3 to 4 days. Signing up with the site is completely free. What’s more, it may give you a welcome offer when you sign up.

Why Ebates? Why not any other Cashback Sites?

If you study cashback providers’ comparison at Mycashback, you can find several cashback sites like Ebates. So what makes it special? Here are some of the reasons why Ebates is considered one of the best cashback sites in the world.

  • The company is part of the famous Rakuten Group.

    You may know Rakuten as the official sponsor of FC Barcelona, the world-renowned football club. This itself gives an aura of trust to this company.

  • It has a large number of partner stores listed.

    There are over 2500 online sellers on Ebates. So you can easily get offers from any online store where you want to make a purchase.

  • The service is completely free.

    You are not required to pay a penny to avail the exciting cashbacks.

  • You can also use the service on your smartphone.
  • The cashback offered here is quite good, even going up to 40% of the purchase value.
  • All big names from the online shopping world including eBay and Walmart are listed here.

    So you can buy anything and receive cashbacks from Ebates.

  • You get multiple options to withdraw the money; cash out the rebates either through a cheque or through your PayPal account.
  • The minimum requirement for cashing out is low, only $5.01.

    If your cashback is less than this amount, you will not lose it. It will just be carried forward to your next cheque.

  • There are international merchants listed here, and you can buy from several countries also.

Where to Find Ebates Promo Codes?

In addition to the usual cashback offers, Ebates also makes available several Promo codes and coupons. You don't need to search for them anywhere else. You can find all promotional offers in the all-promos section and the All Deals & Coupons section of the website. It runs at least one promotional offer every week. So, users needs to regularly check out the site if they don't want to miss the offers. Some of these promotions even make the cashback percentage 5 times higher than usual!

How to Withdraw Money from Ebates?

How long does it take Ebates to register a purchase? The purchase will be registered immediately, and Ebates cashbacks normally get debited to your balance within 2 days of confirming the purchase. However, the cashback only becomes fully payable after your product return period is over. So, sometimes it may take around 30 days to receive your cashback.

Ebates pays out your cashback money quarterly, i.e., once every 3 months. You can decide how to receive the cashback. As of now, Ebates is offering 3 options to withdraw your balance. You can opt to receive it as the Big Fat Cheque. Otherwise, you can credit the amount to a PayPal account. Another option is to receive cashback as Amazon gift vouchers.

Ebates Apps and Plugins

Ebate Express is the famous browser extension of Ebates and it makes availing cashbacks from Ebates easier. If you install this Ebates Chrome extension, you can avail the offers without first going to the Ebates site every time. The plugin will make the offers available to you even if you directly visit and purchase from the merchant’s site. If you have installed this plugin from Ebates, missing cashback offers won’t happen again. The plugin will notify you about new offers and deals for the merchant site you are visiting, allowing you to earn cash back from partner stores without visiting the Ebates site. So there is no problem with you forgetting to use Ebates. This browser plugin's search functions are integrated with Bing, Yahoo and Google.

If you want to avail the offers from Ebates on the go, there is an app named Ebates Rakuten, which can be downloaded to both Android and iPhone. It has all the features of the Ebates site and you can avail all the offers using this app as well. You can receive the same cashbacks using the mobile app also and then transfer this money to either your PayPal account or opt to receive a cheque.

Ebates Affiliate Program

If you are a merchant selling goods or services online and if you are looking to increase your exposure and sales, the Ebates affiliate program offers you a good opportunity. Listing on Ebates is more cost-effective compared to any other advertisement program. It is a site visited by millions of customers, and the exposure it brings to your store cannot be matched by any other advertising technique.

It also has a premier affiliate program with special features. The Premier Partner Package includes opportunities like Solo Email, Double Cashback Events, Top Store Logo, Sticky Footer, etc.

Ebates – Overall Impression

If you are looking to avail cashbacks for your online purchases, Ebates is probably the best option you have. It's from the trusted Rakuten group of companies and has a huge reputation associated with it. There are not many cashback companies with more than 2500 listed partner sites.

However, there are some minor negative points. Some top brands still don't offer cash back through Ebates. The delay of around 30 days in getting your rebate may be a bit slow for many of you. Even in participating sites, cashback is not available on all products. There is some maximum limit on cashback you may obtain on a single purchase. If your account goes inactive, there may be some deduction from your cashback balance.

There is some hype around the cashback this company is offering. So, is Ebates worth it? After seeing the pros and cons of Ebates, we can say that it is really worth a try.

Ebates - FAQ

  • What does Ebates do?

    It’s a cashback service provider that rewards you for the purchases you make from its partner stores.

  • Do I need to pay any registration charges?

    Ebates is completely free for you. Its profits come from the money it receives from the online stores as a commission.

  • Are there any other cashback sites like Ebates?

    There are several sites like Ebates. If you visit Mycashback, you can find a number of them.

  • How do I get my cashback?

    You can get paid through PayPal or by cheque, or get the cash back as Amazon gift vouchers.

  • What is Ebate Express?

    It's the popular Chrome extension of the Ebates website. With the help of this, you can avail of all the offers without visiting the Ebates site every time.

  • Can I get the cashback on my mobile?

    Yes. Both Android and iOS apps are available.

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