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Cashback service Giving assistant

The upsurge of e-commerce trends has led to the rise of more online shoppers. Most people prefer to shop online because of the convenience and opportunities to access a wide variety of popular stores. Shopping is exciting, but it is more thrilling to spend money while earning some back to your account. Cash back websites offer shoppers an opportunity to make purchases and earn money. Giving Assistant is an example of a cash back site.

What is Giving Assistant? It is a cash back website that gives customers a chance to earn money whenever they purchase via their portal. The Giving Assistant cash back service is quite different; you receive your cash back and an opportunity to donate some of it to non-profit organizations. The portal is linked to more than 6,000 brands across the globe. Spoilt for choice is an understatement - you get to shop at famous online stores such as Macy’s, Target, Walmart, Adidas, Urban Outfitters, to name a few. These brands offer amazing Giving Assistant offers through various categories such as Health and Beauty, Clothing, Electronics, Food and Restaurants, Travel, and so much more. Shopping has never been more fun. Read this Giving Assistant review to know more on how to use Giving Assistant.


How to make purchases with Giving Assistant

How does Giving Assistant work? Before you make a purchase, you need to understand how it works. Giving Assistant is in partnership with popular brands worldwide who issue payment commissions to them, then, they pay a percentage of that cash back to you. Awesome, right? Shop smart and earn more. Also, you may decide to donate your Giving Assistant cash back to charity organizations.

To buy from the stores, register on the website and create an account using an email address or Facebook account. You get an instant Giving Assistant signup bonus. Log in and view all the hot deals on your favorite brands. Purchase only the products under the cash back program for opportunities to earn money back. Also, you have an option to claim free coupons subject to the online store you are using.

You may be wondering, ‘How long does it take Giving Assistant to register a purchase? Depending on the brand, it may take 15-90 days for the cash to reflect in your pending earnings account. Other brands may take seven days.

Giving Assistant Plugin

The plugin is an automatic ‘Savings button’ which you can download as an extension and add it to your browser. It helps you to automatically get great Giving Assistant deals without searching and hunting throughout the web for free coupons and available offers. In short, the extension simplifies and saves you time and money by allowing you to visit the stores directly to apply the coupons and offers. If, by any chance, you forgot to use Giving Assistant, the plugin will prompt you to click it at check out to activate the cash back service. It helps you to shop on legit cash back stores, thus, prevents the common errors of not receiving payments.

Why Giving Assistant?

It is normal for online shoppers to be skeptical about Giving Assistant since it donates all of its commissions to non-profit organizations, unlike other cash back sites.

Is Giving Assistant legit? It is imperative to find out if a cash back site operates legally to avoid getting raw deals when shopping. Carry out comprehensive research to enable you to make a wise decision before choosing to purchase via the Giving Assistant in-store cashback. We can confidently guarantee the legitimacy of Giving Assistant through numerous positive reviews online from satisfied customers.

Furthermore, it has strict privacy policies in place to guard the interests of the partners and online shoppers as well. Is Giving Assistant safe? To some extent, yes, it is a reliable cash back site. It secures private data with modern encryption technology, which prevents online threats. Also, the company restricts employees from sharing data to third parties. However, it does not guarantee customers 100% security.

What makes this cash back site unique is the fact that it offers people a chance to make a significant impact on society by making a difference, no matter how small. Your shopping can change a life. Giving Assistant is a Certified B Corporation which aims to impact communities globally while still fulfilling its business mandate. Apart from cash back, you can also earn extra money via the Giving Assistant referral program. When someone uses your referral link to join, you automatically earn $5.

Withdrawing money from Giving Assistant

Withdrawing cash back is a simple process without any hassles. Log in and go to your account. Find the withdrawal page and select your method of payment. You can deposit the cash directly to your bank account, via Paypal or e-check. $5.99 is the Giving Assistant minimum payout.

You can withdraw your cash daily as long as you comply with the payout limit.


Is Giving Assistant worth it? Absolutely. We recommend this site to shoppers who want to earn incredible payouts while touching lives at the same time. If you are a humanitarian, this cash back site is for you. It has a friendly interface which makes it easy for you to navigate through the various site pages.

The following are the pros and cons of the Giving Assistant cash back site:


  • It has partnerships with more than 6,000 brands; most are popular online stores;
  • It is free to join and access the offers;
  • The Giving Assistant referral program allows you to make additional cash;
  • Giving Assistant offers reliable customer service;
  • Makes a difference in society through charity donations;
  • It offers high cash back percentages;


  • Customers have to wait for an extended period to receive their cash back rewards;
  • It does not have an app.

Apps and plugins 

Unfortunately, there is no Giving Assistant app available to customers. You can access the site conveniently via your smart device by downloading the plugin and adding it to your browser. The extension is effective since you will not have to go to the Giving Assistant website to shop. It automatically alerts you of a cash back option and free coupon when you want to check out.

Affiliate program 

Giving Assistant is in partnership with more than one million non-profit organizations who donate cash to needy people. Pencils of Promise, Zidisha, Hope Matters, Team Rubicon, Camp Kesem, Pack for A Purpose are some of the top non-profits linked directly to the portal.


  • How do I get my cash back?

    If you have adblockers and other extensions on your browser, ensure that you disable them to prevent conflict with the Giving Assistant plugin. Purchase on the same browser and don’t forget to click the cash back option.

  • Is Giving Assistant the best cash back site?

    As much as there are numerous cash back sites, Giving Assistant is a Certified B Corporation linked to popular online stores. It is free, simple, and provides amazing ways to earn money while giving back to society. It is among the best websites for making extra cash.

  • Can you compare shopping portals via the Giving Assistant site?

    If you have an account, log in and view all the cash back offers from various online stores. Compare the rates and find one that works for you.

  • What do I do if I don’t receive my cash back payment?

    Immediately contact support for assistance. Provide details of your orders such as the number, purchase date, items, and amount. Support representatives will communicate to the brand and sort out the issue.

  • What are the Giving Assistant payment methods?

    The payment options are via PayPal, eCheck, or direct deposit.

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