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Cashback service Topcashback

The Web is crowded by websites offering mouth-watering rebates to shoppers, making it very easy to get lost among the abundance of offers. Among hundreds of cash back rebate sites with quite a solid reputation, TopCashback stands out as a reliable, appealing provider of the rebate service. However, its reputation is also not that cloudless, and some reviews suggest that the service is nothing more than a scam.

Experts of Mycashback have conducted a thorough investigation and tested every step of obtaining cash back from TopCashback. So, in this report, we are sharing all the details about the services of this vendor and we answer some of the popular user questions such as, “Is TopCashback legit?” and “Can it be deemed one of the best online rebate sites?”


How Does TopCashback Work?

First things first and as such, we’re starting off the review of the company. What is TopCashback, you might wonder?

A little legal information first.

It is a UK-based website proudly claiming to give the highest cashback to its 8+ million users. TopCashback boasts an extensive database of stores from which it can provide generous rebates – over 4400 – but the greatest aspect about this service vendor is availability of cashback for purchases from eBay and Amazon. A rare treat that not all rebate providers can boast of! The company has existed since 2005 (operating in the USA since 2011) and is owned by Top Online Partners Group Limited.

Quite a solid beginning, right?

Another benefit that TopCashback gives to its visitors is an opportunity to browse the website without registration. It’s also a privilege that not all rebate providers grant to users; many websites promise sparkling returns as a bait on their main page, thus urging clients to register and find only a handful of modest offers inside.

That’s surely not the case for TopCashback that makes everything totally transparent; once you get to the “browse” version of the website, you are welcomed to all the best picks and offers that the company has in store for registered users. In this way, you can get a full idea of the range of offers and services before you share personal data.

Now let’s proceed to a detailed breakdown of the process that a rebate seeker has to undergo when coming to TopCashback for the shopping remuneration. Only four simple steps stand between you and your hard-earned bonuses:

  • Registration.

    While browsing the website is fully available without limitations and does not require registration, making use of the vendor’s amazing offers is possible only after the completion of the signup procedure. The process is very simple, urging you to provide minimum data – an email and a password. For analytical purposes, TopCashback also asks new users to indicate where they learned about the website – it’s entirely at your discretion whether to share that data or not.

  • Picking the website from which to order.

    After registration, you are welcome to log in to your cabinet on the website and start looking for the best offers. For your convenience, TopCashback has sorted hundreds of online stores by categories, so you may easily pick the required store in the Travel, Home & Garden, Electronics, Fashion, Health & Beauty, Gift Cards, and additional sections. Those who favor the highest rebates over a concrete e-shop may find the best offers in the Top Picks section.

  • Doing the shopping.

    Once the online store is selected and you are ready to proceed to the actual shopping, click on the shop’s icon right on the TopCashback website, and it will take you to that store.

  • Redeeming the rebate.

    Assuming you complete all previous steps successfully (having cleaned all cookies on your computer before that), you may relax and wait for the cashback deposit in your TopCashback account. Once this is done, you are free to spend your hard-earned money on more shopping or withdraw it.

TopCashback Deals

Once you get to the website, you’ll be dazzled with a multitude of offers. But the company has no TopCashback signup bonus; you earn only what it offers for each of the featured online stores – a great, persuasive argument to register here. Among the TopCashback free offers, we have noted that the only lucrative bonus is $10 for a friend’s referral (that’s probably the reason why they ask at registration who brought you to the website!)

Even without extensive bonuses, the website is still very attractive in terms of a variety of TopCashback offers it features within its standard service range. Thus, for instance, the 10% cashback on Amazon purchases and 14% returned to you from shopping at Rite Aid pharmacy are great benefits to your budget.

The company has many offers of 10%+ discounts in dozens (if not hundreds) of shops: 20% off on VIDA orders, 20% off Proactiv purchases, and 40% cashback from purchases in Surfshark, to name just a few. The amount of cashback constantly changes, so we recommend surfing the website regularly to get your best pick.

Experienced shoppers may reap even more benefits from TopCashback – all you need to do to multiply your earnings here is to combine coupons with cashback offers. It might take some extra time to grasp and fulfill all requirements, but the round sum of savings that you will gain will pay off for the effort.

TopCashback Payout

The good news is that there is no TopCashback minimum payout, which makes claiming of your rebates as convenient as never before. Numerous rebate sites set considerable limits for withdrawals, thus urging users to stick with their platform and buy more, and more, and more…

That’s not what TopCashback does, making withdrawals quick and convenient. While you might wait for the cashback to arrive at your account within 14 days, the withdrawal procedure is much quicker.

The website currently supports three primary payout methods – PayPal, ACH payout, and a payout with the help of an Amazon gift card. Each method comes with its pros and cons, so the suitability of each specifically for you may be determined only by the way in which you are planning to use the rebated funds.

If you simply need some cash back added to your balance, then PayPal is the best option.

If you expect additional perks from your bank, then ACH withdrawals are recommended (but a minimum payout may apply), and if you are an avid shopper, then the gift card at Amazon will be totally perfect.

TopCashback Extensions

In the era of customer focus, no reputable website can afford neglecting the clients’ need for comfort and cross-platform access. Though TopCashback does not feature any web browser extension (though many clients would definitely appreciate one!), it still features a convenient, user-friendly TopCashback app.

It’s available for download from both Google Play and the App Store, is completely free, and possesses the full functionality of the website, thus enabling you to make purchases and receive rebates from the online stores without desktop access.

TopCashback Customer Service

While all previous aspects made us smile, a grain of salt is still recommended when considering how TopCashback serves its clients. The problem is with contacting support. While there is a Support page on the website, it contains very general advice on most FAQs and doesn’t offer any immediate contact details such as a live chat, a hotline, or at least a support email. Let’s hope that all rebate deposits take place on time and without errors, as otherwise, claiming your cashback and getting in touch with support may be a challenging task.

A Recap: Is TopCashback Safe?

Can we call TopCashback the best cash back site? Probably not, though it is surely in the top 10. Numerous positive TopCashback reviews don’t lie about the quality and speed of service, as well as the impressive variety of offers that you as a user may enjoy here. But there are always some buts – and users of Mycashback have noticed a slight problem.

There are some confusing moments throwing a shadow over the TopCashback reputation as well; we can’t help mentioning them for fairness’ sake.

The first thing attracting a careful reader’s attention is the discrepancy in stats between what the company provides on the main page and those on the registration page. While on the main page you read about 8+ million users and over 4400 stores from which it rebates shopping expenditures, on the registration page, we already see 3500 shops and 6 million users. Quite confusing, right?

So, we believe that even though the resource is highly popular and indeed enjoys a large client base, it may be far from 8 or even 6 million users – these figures might serve their marketing purposes more than the truthful reporting of facts.

As for the number of stores – again, we never counted. But you should still check the availability of precisely the ones you are using most often before registering at TopCashback. In this way, you may be sure that a fair share of your expenditures will land back in your pocket with the help of TopCashback.

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