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Cashback service Shopathome

Online shopping is the new normal among most individuals. Today, technology plays a vital role in ensuring convenient shopping within the confines of your home. What makes it more interesting, is that you can earn money while you shop at your favorite online stores. Numerous websites offer cashback services to shoppers at good percentages. ShopAtHome is one such site that enables you to earn cashback for each product that you buy.

What is ShopAtHome? It is a website which gives amazing discounts and free shopping coupons to customers who use ShopAtHome, rather than shopping directly via the site of the online stores. It links ardent shoppers to more than 2000 stores across the globe. Walmart, Macy’s, Best Buy, Houzz, Groupon, and Norton are some of the popular online stores with incredible ShopAtHome cashback offers. You can shop for anything you want - groceries, electronics, supplies, clothes, hotel deals, to name a few. As the name suggests, you can purchase at home conveniently without any worries. Read this ShopAtHome review to gain a deeper understanding of how to use ShopAtHome.


How to make purchases with ShopAtHome 

How does ShopAtHome work? It is essential to know how this cashback website works before we proceed to the process of making a purchase. ShopAtHome acts like a bridge to your online store destination. First, you need to register and create an account with ShopAtHome before accessing the stores. All you need is an email address and a username. It’s free to join the ShopAtHome cashback portal via the website.

After successful registration, you can now access all the online stores, available offers and coupons. Start making your purchases via the portal and earn cash with every purchase that you make, depending on the cash back percentage. Using ShopAtHome is quite simple and offers you great chances to not only make money, but also to access amazing products from popular stores at affordable prices.

How long does it take ShopAtHome to register a purchase? If you buy a product, your ShopAtHome payout will reflect in your account within a maximum of seven days. The ShopAtHome Signup bonus is $10 and customers also receive another $5 bonus after shopping via ShopAtHome within 30 days of registering an account.

ShopAtHome Plugin

Unlike other cash back websites, ShopAtHome has a customized plugin in the form of a ‘savings button.’ You can add it as an extension to your computer browser or smartphone to simplify your shopping experience. With the plugin, you can easily access the free coupons and amazing offers while receiving your cashback once you buy a product from the listed online stores. It alerts you to check out incredible ShopAtHome offers wherever you are.

Why ShopAtHome?

As an online shopper, you may have numerous questions such as ‘Is ShopAtHome worth it?’ ‘Is ShopAtHome safe?’ We are here to guarantee you that ShopAtHome is not a scam. If you are a serious online shopper, you will immensely benefit from the ShopAtHome cashback site. The percentages range from 1-7, which will only make sense if you shop more. The more purchases you make, the higher the cashback rewards. The upside is that ShopAthome has links to numerous online stores globally with amazing discounts. You need to be a smart shopper to reap the benefits of ShopAthome. Furthermore, you can refer a friend and receive a ShopAtHome referral bonus.

ShopAtHome has a survey program that allows you to win cashback rewards by completing various survey questions. A popular market research corporation powers the surveys. Once you have an account, you can click on the surveys and follow the prompts. Select a survey that suits you and grab your opportunity of earning instant money.

Is ShopAtHome legit? Yes, it operates legally with stringent policies that guard the interests of all customers, as well as the online store owners.

Withdrawing money from ShopAtHome

The process of receiving your money is simple. Go to ‘My Profile’ in the account settings. Enter your email address and choose your payment method. It is a requirement that you give out your full name and physical mailing address. Each payment is valid before the 20th of every month.

You can withdraw your money via the following options:

  • PayPal - You must have a PayPal account to cash out your money here.
  • Check - ShopAtHome will mail a check via the mailing address (USA or Canadian).
  • Gift cards - Payments will be in the form of Amazon gift cards.

It is important to note that the ShopAtHome minimum payout is $20. So, you have to reach the payout threshold to withdraw your funds.


ShopAtHome is worth it. Apart from shopping and getting fantastic payouts, you also save a great deal of money. It has a friendly user interface where you can easily navigate from stores, coupons, offers and surveys with ease. If you are looking for amazing deals, check out ShopAtHome, because it is among the best cashback websites with links to popular online stores worldwide.

Below are the pros and cons of ShopAtHome:


  • Numerous cashback deals and free coupons;
  • It is easy to sign up and use;
  • It is free to join;
  • Has a user-friendly interface and convenient plugin extension;
  • It has legitimate payment methods;
  • Decades of experience in business;
  • Has additional avenues to earn money such as surveys and referrals;


  • It has several negative ShopAtHome reviews online;
  • The $20 withdrawal limit is quite high for online shoppers;
  • Reaching the payout threshold may take a while;
  • The extension may affect the efficiency of your computer or smart device;

Apps and plugins 

You can download the ShopAtHome app on your smartphone for convenience. It is compatible with most devices. The app gives you more opportunities to earn cashback on the go. It doesn’t matter where you are, you can easily access the ShopAtHome site via this app. It comes with a plugin that you can use across different web browsers, simplifying your shopping experience.

Affiliate program 

ShopAtHome is in partnership with Impact Radius, to offer performance advertising services to customers who want to earn extra cash to promote various content on their websites or blogs. On the ‘Affiliate’ page, you are required to fill in your details, Company information, the promotional methods you will use, the country, and the media channel.


  • How do I get my cash back?

    You can receive your payments via PayPal, a check, or Amazon gift cards. Select your preferred option on your account settings and withdraw your payout.

  • What should I do in case I don’t receive my check?

    ShopAtHome mails checks using the US Mail. Wait for 21 days to receive your check; if it doesn't arrive, contact support immediately for assistance.

  • Is ShopAtHome one of the best cashback sites?

    Yes, it comes with numerous benefits and user capabilities that you will not find in other cashback websites. Try it out and experience simplicity in shopping and earning cash rewards.

  • Is ShopAtHome a safe, top cashback site?

    Yes. It uses modern encryption technology that secures the sensitive data of customers, preventing third party risks.

  • Is mail verification a must before I withdraw my cash back?

    You have to verify your email address, as it is a critical requirement that ensures payment goes to the valid address.

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