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Amazon, the world’s largest trading platform, offers numerous Amazon cashback deals for everyone. To redeem them and save on your purchases, you may use a credit card, register at one of the cashback websites, or shop directly at Amazon by fulfilling the vendor’s rebate requirements. Here is a review by Mycashback experts regarding the cashback procedures, offers, and ways to redeem your precious bonuses from Amazon.

Cashback services for the store Amazon
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How Does Amazon Cashback Work?

While everybody knows about Amazon’s generous rebates to regular customers, not all of you may have a clear idea of how to get cashback from Amazon. Here’s a simple breakdown of the process to let you do it hassle-free:

  1. Choose the service via which you are going to get cashback.
  2. Select the best cashback offer (e.g., a gift card, a promo code, or straightforward cashback).
  3. Purchase items at Amazon through your account on the cashback website.
  4. Wait for your remuneration and withdraw it.

Amazon: Cashback Websites

Though numerous cashback websites offer lucrative Amazon cashback bonuses, not all of them are equal. Some resources pay out less than others, while the vendor’s reputation should also be considered as a vital criterion. Our detailed Amazon cashback comparison revealed that each of the websites comes with its pros and cons as the percentage of the rebate is often offset by the relative ease of registration and money withdrawal; while attractive, high bonuses often come with certain limitations and withdrawal constraints. So, we recommend studying all websites on your own to find the best combination of conditions suited to your shopping style and needs.

Amazon Cashback: Credit Cards

Amazon is a credit card-friendly website featuring numerous bonus offers for holders of different credit cards. This enables you to get a generous bonus from your Amazon shopping or get a cashback credit card (various banks provide different cashback). Here are some options:

  • The best pick is the Amazon Prime Signature card that guarantees you cashback and a user-friendly package of additional bonuses (including a gift card for newbies)
  • The Amazon Rewards VISA card grants its holders cashback and other rebates combined with a 0% service fee.
  • Discover also offers a pleasant cashback bonus on purchases from Amazon. But here, the system works a bit differently – you can use Discover cashback on Amazon; that is, pay with Discover Points, which are your cashback bonuses from the bank.

Amazon Cashback FAQ

What is the best Amazon cashback offer?

It depends on your expectations and shopping style. If you are a frequent buyer at Amazon, cashback in the form of a gift card will come in handy. If you wish to get some cash, then websites paying back the percentage of your purchase are the best.

What is the best cashback site for Amazon?

That's the question you need to answer yourself. It can be service with the highest percentage of cashback, or with no limitation to money withdrawal. Try to choose one with offers that fit exactly your needs.

How can Amazon cashback be used?

In any way you deem necessary. You may spend it by buying from Amazon or you may withdraw it to your credit card and spend it on something else. At any rate, it’s your money, to do with as you please.