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Do you need both hands to count the number of times you visit your local Walgreens per week? Walgreens is the second-largest pharmacy chain in the USA with almost 10,000 stores. From prescriptions and toiletries to all of your basic home items, you’re sure to find them at Walgreens. Another reason why they’ve remained highly popular is the deals that you can find on all of your favorite items. From 2 for one deal to bonuses and coupons with purchases, Walgreens has rocked the coupon collecting world.

Because you spend so much time in-store, have you ever wondered, ‘does Walgreens give cash back?’ The answer is, absolutely yes! Receiving Walgreens' cashback is easier than you might think. We’ll give you some steps here.

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How does Walgreens cashback work?

So, how exactly can you get cash back at Walgreens? Well, simply by shopping! Definitely, there are some other technicalities to it, but not many. Cashback is exactly what you might expect; it’s the action of receiving cash back from partnering companies simply by shopping on a third-party site. You can be on your way to collecting Walgreens cash back in no time by following four easy steps:

  1. Sign up for a free account on a cashback site of your choosing
  2. Follow Walgreens onsite link and shop for all your favorite items
  3. Check out
  4. Watch your money roll in

Unbelievable, right? It is really easy to start getting rewards and cashback for simply shopping online. Here we have some sites that are sure to get you the best cashback percentages.

Best cashback site for Walgreens

As soon as you decide to purchase anything at Walgreens, why not make the purchase more profitable with one of the cashback providers? Choosing the best one may be challenging, but as soon as you consider a variety of offers on the Web, you’ll surely find the one that speaks to you. Pay attention to the following features:

  • Numerous payment methods to cash out your rebates as quickly as possible;
  • Availability of additional coupons and promo codes to make the shopping even more profitable;
  • Quick processing times never making you wait for months to get the cash back to your pocket.

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How to get cashback from Walgreens

When it comes to getting your Walgreens cashback in hand, the process is simple as well. All of the websites mentioned above accept the most popular payment methods to collect your cash. Simply register your preferred payment method during the sign-up procedure. After you make your purchase, your cashback will start pending while the site approves your order. After approval, it should only take 24-48 hours to receive your cash. The traditional processing times can be anywhere from 10 to 30 days. Also, be aware of the minimum withdrawal amount that most sites require. The lower limits starting from $0.01.

Walgreens cashback comparison and Tips

How much cashback can you get at Walgreens?

The answer is that it just depends as these sites offer different cashback percentages. Also, the amount you receive in your pocket depends on how much you spend and how many bonuses you’ve collected before shopping.

A few other cashback pro tips and suggestions include:

  • Always make sure to check online for some Walgreens rebate offers. There are so many ways to save at Walgreens, so just make sure you’re doing your homework to get the best deals.
  • Those of you who are dedicated Walgreens shoppers can also look out for Walgreens credit card bonuses. These are offered from credit companies like CITI and Chase, which you can receive as cash back to your card.

Now you may start you off on the right foot when it comes to earning cash back from Walgreens with these insights on how easy and affordable it can be. Happy shopping!