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Cashback Hotels.com

Hotels.com is an online hotel accommodation provider worldwide. It offers to book a large number of hotel chains and properties, giving an online hotel booking facility through its network of localized websites and telephone call centers.

Hotels.com makes your online hotel booking and traveling experience perfect by providing a convenient booking system, best services, and different cashback booking offers. But what about saving even more with your purchases at Hotels.com? This is what Hotels rebate can give.

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What is hotels.com cashback?

You can get cashback on your hotel’s booking by following the partner link from numerous hotels cashback sites.

The system works as follows: your cashback provider is the one partnering with Hotels.com and promising to bring customers to this merchant in return for a small percentage from their purchases. Once the client pays for the service at Hotels.com, the cashback provider receives its Hotels.com rebate and shares it with the customer. In such a way, everyone is happy – Hotels.com increases sales without investment in marketing, cashback sites get revenue, and clients get a certain sum of their purchases back in hard cash.

How to get cashback from hotels.com?

It’s easy to avail cashback from Hotels.com on different sites. You can search for numerous options at Mycashback and after finding the best one for you, do the following:

  1. Pick the site that you like the best and register at it
  2. Follow the link leading from that cashback provider to your preferred e-store
  3. Complete the shopping process and check out within 24 hours
  4. Wait for the cashback to arrive at your balance.

Top Hotels.com cashback sites

The best way to ensure great discounts is to compare several providers of rebates in terms of the cashback percentage, waiting times, and other conditions to choose the best one. Let’s review a couple of variants we find to be the best.

When choosing a top provider at the international scale offering generous cashback and the most optimal terms for receiving and cashing out your rebates, pay attention not only to the percentage it offers as a rebate. While the percentage really matters, it’s not the only feature distinguishing a truly reliable cashback resource. Some other criteria to consider include the speed and convenience of cashing out your hard-earned money, the availability of numerous payment options, as well as the opportunity to shop at hundreds of other stores without the need to change the cashback provider. In such a way, you’ll definitely find the best pick among searchers of the most user-friendly cashback resources.

How to receive cashback from Hotels.com

Customers get cash back depending on the payments they produce for booking at Hotels.com. Sometimes, loyal customers are also awarded loyalty points by Hotels.com, which they can use to pay for subsequent orders - 2000 points are worth $20. The general process of getting rebates is as follows:

  • You follow the link of the cashback provider and shop at Hotels.com.
  • You get your cashback to the account.
  • You wait 1-3 months for the cashback to change its status from ‘pending’ to ‘available,’ and cash it out afterward.
  • You get the funds debited to your card or bank account instantly or within 1-5 days depending on the chosen payment method.

What is the surest way to receive Hotels.com bonus?

There are different ways to ensure that you get a cashback; few things to remember for guaranteed cashback are as follows:

  1. Sometimes you only get cashback if you make your booking through a specific link.
  2. Check the terms and conditions carefully.
  3. Check the period of the offer and expiry date of the offer.
  4. Most of the cashback offers apply only once.
  5. Sometimes offers are not available on mobile apps; cashback is activated only when you place an order and pay for it through the website.


Several worthy websites are offering Hotels.com cashback, bonuses, and rebates. And if you are a traveler by profession and make a lot of trips, using Hotels.com cashback can make your travel cheaper. Enjoy the fantastic opportunity to save funds on your next trip and travel wisely with rebates!