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Newegg is a global retailer of electronics; its offers include a wide variety of computer systems, gaming appliances, office solutions, and home, health, and sports electronics. So, if you need anything that plugs into a socket (and you want that device to work for long), then you should visit the Newegg website for sure.

Newegg often holds sales and issues promo offers on some of its products. It also rewards the loyal clients with Newegg points and Newegg rewards for frequent, loyal buyers. The points of this retailer are called Newegg egg points, which you can collect simply by purchasing certain eligible products. They can be spent on further purchases, thus giving you a good chance to save on Newegg shopping.

But that’s not all; besides the internal Newegg rebates, you can also avail some great offers of third-party external cashback providers. Let’s clarify the concept and find out how it all works in practice.

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What is Newegg Cashback?

So, what is the Newegg cashback bonus? Cashback means getting your money back, not in the form of some elusive bonuses that have to be spent within 30-60 days or they expire, but in the form of hard cash that you can withdraw to buy anything else. Newegg cash back is provided by third-party partners of this retailer that have concluded some contract with Newegg to bring customers to the Newegg portal and get a certain commission from their actual purchases. The system thus works very favorably for all participants; Newegg saves funds on online marketing, the third-party website gets a commission from clients’ purchases coming through its partner links, and customers enjoy some cash back in their wallets.

How to receive the Newegg cashback bonus?

How does Newegg cashback work, you might be wondering? The best and easy way to receive money back from Newegg shopping is to register at one of the third-party cashback providers with active Newegg cashback deals. This may be done easily and quickly:

  • Choose the provider and register by giving your email and creating a secure password.
  • Enter the cashback provider’s personal cabinet and find Newegg in the list of available cashback offers.
  • Shop around and pay for the purchase.
  • Wait for the cashback to arrive at your balance.

Newegg Cashback Comparison

How to choose the provider with the best offer? There are numerous Newegg cashback sites claiming to be the best, but do they live up to their promises?

We at Mycashback think that the best cashback site is the one with international coverage, high ratings, and excellent reviews. It should also provide handy plugins for different search engines such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. At such a service, you’ll find the abundance of online stores for shopping, which avails you the outstanding cashback offers that you will love, including great cashback percentages for Newegg.

Credible cashback websites also provide the new offers and sales on their products for customers, so customers will never miss a pleasant cashback on their online shopping. Moreover, it’s critical to serve the 100% security on the payment mode and guarantee good-quality products to their customers, so look out for these features in the provider to choose.

How to get cashback from Newegg, and what is the minimum withdrawal sum?

Once you choose the best Newegg cashback provider, it’s time to get some of your money back from shopping in this store. The process usually looks as follows:

  • You make a purchase at Newegg.
  • The cashback is debited to your personal balance.
  • You need to wait for 10-30 days for the status of cashback to change from “pending” to “processed.”
  • After this happens, you are free to cash out your winnings – immediately to e-wallets and cards, 1-5 days to a bank account.

As for the minimal withdrawals, each website poses its limits. Some websites are generous enough to allow withdrawals starting from $0.01, and others require a minimum $25 to be accumulated before the withdrawal is possible. So, we recommend studying the terms before registering with any of the cashback sites.

How to get guaranteed cashback at Newegg?

Some final tips for those who wish to get guaranteed cashback and not to lose it along the way:

  • Always clear the cookies.
  • Complete the purchase within 24 hours after the transfer from the cashback website to Newegg.
  • Don’t use a smartphone.

Happy shopping and great savings!