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Shopping with care for your purse is what Costco avails in over ten countries to date. With hundreds of sales points in the USA and Canada and dozens of retail points in Mexico, the UK, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, Costco is a preferred warehouse giant among customers who prefer to buy in bulk at a heavily discounted price. Here you’ll always find a variety of foodstuffs, electronics, home and garden items, and many more product categories. The second-largest retailer after only Walmart, Costco is definitely a number one pick among millions of consumers worldwide.

Cashback services for the store Costco
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What is Costco Cash back?

Though Costco already offers highly discounted products, it’s always good to have additional cost-saving opportunities, right? That’s what you can get with Costco cashback — a system of returning a certain percentage from your purchases at Costco to your wallet. Yes, that’s real money — not some Costco cashback bonus that you can only spend for subsequent purchases in this store, but hard cash that you can use for any other purposes.

How to Receive Cash back at Costco?

The cashback process is very simple, universal for all platforms that you might choose as your primary cashback provider (you may select the ideal one for you by studying Costco cashback comparison and reviews at Mycashback). Here are the steps to take for receiving your cash back to your pocket:

  • Choose the website of your liking.
  • Register at it and enter the website with your personal login details.
  • Find Costco in the list of available partners.
  • Click on the link to go to Costco through that partner link.
  • Do the shopping, check out, and pay for the purchase.
  • Wait for the cashback percentage to be debited to your account.

Which is the Best Cashback Site for Costco?

There are many options available on the web, with numerous Costco cashback sites offering attractive deals. But it’s vital to study their terms attentively as the highest cashback percentage is not always the best option; websites may have different terms of cashing out the funds, different waiting times, and a realm of other reservations.

Our recommendation is to look for a vendor that has been in the market long enough to win a loyal customer base and offering truly universal and convenient cashback solutions. Besides a great cashback percentage offered for Costco shopping, it should avail a variety of bonus coupons and promo codes that can make your shopping even more profitable. Keep in mind that all cashback sites currently available online offer lucrative Costco cashback deals from time to time, but it’s vital to catch the moment as the deals change every day.

How does Costco Cashback Work?

Most of you are wondering how to get cashback from Costco when doing the shopping and how your savings can be maximized. First, take into account some tips regarding the process:

  • Once you conduct the purchase, your cashback may be reflected in the account with some delay (up to 24 hours), so be patient.
  • After the cashback amount appears on your balance, it will still stay in the ‘pending’ status for 10-30 days (some stores may take even up to 90 days) until the return period ends.
  • Upon the status change from ‘processing’ to ‘completed,’ you may cash the rebate out to your card or bank account.

As for maximizing your profits, you might be happy to know about an additional Costco Visa cashback offer available for special Visa cardholders. This cashback on your purchases you can also get back to your Costco cashback credit cards.

How to Get Guaranteed Costco Cashback?

There are some tips from cashback pros that may help you receive a guaranteed cashback. Here are some secrets:

  1. Always use a desktop browser, not your mobile phone, for making the purchases as the cashback function may not activate in the mobile version
  2. Clear the cookies regularly as offers change quickly, and the cashback for your particular store may be unavailable at the moment when you complete the purchase
  3. Shop within 24 hours after following the partner link as after this time frame expires; the referral link may not work anymore
  4. Don’t open the store in a separate browser tab; shop only through the website opening through the cashback provider’s partner link.

Here you are with the best cashback tips and resources to register at. Happy shopping at Costco!