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There is hardly anyone who didn’t own at least one AE tee, displaying the retailer’s famous eagle logo. The smooth, laid-back American style comes to life at American Eagle, ranging in popularity from the tween to the young parent. Born in a small Philadelphia neighborhood from the work of two brothers, American Eagle didn’t always have the popular name and brand; it wasn’t until 2002 that the store really began to take off, expanding to shopping malls all around the world. Now people all around the world can enjoy the casual preppy American style found at AE.

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Introducing American Eagle cashback

Calling all AE lovers! If you love the brand, you’ll be super psyched by chance to score some green just for shopping. If you haven’t heard of the word sweeping the retail world, ‘cashback,’ don’t worry, we’ll give you some insight. Cashback is a return of a percentage of the money you spend. This is offered through third-party sites and comes at a range of all different percentages. We’ll go into more depth in a sec.

How does AE cashback work?

So, how does this work exactly? It is really as easy as it sounds. By using a cashback site to make your purchases, you get a chance to score AE cashback. You can also earn American Eagle points that add up to get you additional bonuses and larger percentages of cashback.

You can start this process by signing up with any participating website. After you register, you can begin browsing and purchase your favorite American Eagle gear. After you shop, simply pay and watch the cashback offers roll in! We promise you’re not dreaming!

How to get cashback from AE and Withdrawal Info

We know the info you’ve all been waiting for, and here it is. Your cash is received in hand, ready to spend after a few standard processes.

  • After registration, begin shopping and pay
  • While paying for your merchandise, make sure the cashback option is selected
  • Processing period (up to 30 days)
  • Withdraw your cash!

No, this isn’t too good to be true. Note that most credit cards and online payment services like PayPal are accepted for withdrawal methods. The length of processing time depends on the method of your choosing and also the site you’re using. Some of the top sites deliver within several days, and others can take up to one month.

Next, we’ll introduce you to some of the Best AE cashback sites to get you started on your new favorite pastime!

Best cashback site for AE

We would like to start by saying, make sure to choose a site that is credible and secure. Most cashback providers now feature relatively similar cashback percentages as they all function under one affiliate program of American Eagle. However, they mostly differ in terms of how much they are willing to share with their customers, how much money you need to have on your account to cash it out, and how long you need to wait until your funds become available. We have recommended a few that have proven to be safe, secure, and quick to payout. What is more, you can score some AE cashback credit card points through the sites linked to its rewards program.

Tips for AE cashback bonus

What is AE cashback bonus, you ask? In addition to the sweet idea of receiving cash for your purchases, some sites offer bonuses just for purchasing your favorite brands with them.

You’ll be sure to fall in love with the opportunities to earn cash back on purchases from American Eagle. As if you needed any other reason to love this American favorite, perhaps you can add one more to the list.