4 Best Ways to Save Money on Amazon

4 Best Ways to Save Money on Amazon | Mycashback.net

Amazon has long outgrown the title of “one of the most popular online stores”. Today, it is the most significant online trading platform known all over the world. Besides the USA, the largest branches of this enterprise are located in Germany, Great Britain, France, Canada, Japan, and China.

Amazon not only sells products independently but also offers every interested entrepreneur a possibility to start a business on the Internet by placing goods for sale. For the buyers, this strategy of Amazon is no less profitable, because they have the opportunity to choose products at the best price from the range offered.


Shopping Online: How to Save Money on Amazon?

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Although Amazon started with the distribution of books and DVDs only, those days are long gone. Now online shoppers can purchase products from many categories, including:

  • clothes;
  • furniture;
  • electronics;
  • food items;
  • household utensils;
  • pet products, and much more.

The official website of the platform – Amazon.com – has a user-friendly interface and the option of choosing the goods according to specific parameters. Each seller operating at Amazon is given the opportunity to receive feedback and gain rating to attract new customers. As for the shoppers, the company makes almost anything possible for them to save money on Amazon purchases.

Unlike enterprises providing services in the areas of online auctions and Internet shops, such as eBay, or even any other online retailer, Amazon is not a web-based auction and does not offer its clients a limited set of products. Amazon is a full-fledged online trading site, where fixed prices for goods are indicated, and the list of product categories includes even the most unusual titles.

When going for an Internet shopping spree at Amazon, buyers risk nothing. The product cards contain all the necessary information about the sold items:

  • condition (new, like new, used, renewed, etc.);
  • cost of delivery;
  • detailed description.

Even though when purchasing in the online store, the client cannot always identify the seller, there is no risk for them of buying a pig in a poke. All credible Amazon sellers undergo strict data verification, while representatives of the company continuously monitor their activities. Thus, due to the low level of customer satisfaction and bad reviews, the work of unscrupulous seller on Amazon can be suspended.

Amazon not only organizes the process of Internet shopping, but also oversees the delivery of ordered goods controlling its timeliness. In most cases, the transportation is arranged by the platform itself from its warehouses, where the sellers’ products are stored. Hence, when buying anything on Amazon.com, the customer can be sure that it will be transferred on time, without any compromising of its quality and appearance initially stated in the description.

All in all, Amazon is not only one of the most demanded web-based trade platforms, but it also is an incredibly customer-centric company. So, if you are pondering on how to get money back from Amazon purchases, stay tuned, as we are going to share several valuable tips. Let us find out what are the best ways to save money on Amazon shopping.

Tip #1: Amazon Cashback and Loyalty Programs

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Like other e-shops, Amazon.com strives to enhance the shopping experience of its visitors. The enterprise endows its clients with pleasant discounts, an appealing bonus points system, exciting sales, etc. Indeed, being one of the giants of Internet trading, Amazon also ensures a beneficial cashback policy.

While some wonder how to use cashback on Amazon, others still ask, “What is a cashback?” Experienced online shoppers are closely acquainted with this concept. When purchasing something online from a chosen retailer, the buyer is provided with the opportunity to get some of their money back. Such customer remuneration helps you to receive a refund in the form of a particular percentage of the sum spent on the purchase.

As we already mentioned, Amazon has a lucrative loyalty program, which, starting from the beginning of 2019, divided into two departments – Amazon Prime and Amazon Moments.

The first one represents a loyalty program with a fixed membership fee of $99 per year that was launched in 2005. The first trial month of service use is free; further, the funds are debited automatically from the card linked to the profile. After the payment happened, the member receives a vast number of bonuses and privileges, such as free shipping, early access, free subscriptions, and so on.

Amazon Moments is a new automated loyalty program with an impressive level of personalization. Thus, the partner companies of Amazon place tasks called “moments” on their website or in the mobile application. The user must carry out these tasks successfully to select the rewards offered for their completion. After all the necessary conditions are met, the “player” receives a special URL link to the Amazon online store page via email. Here, he/she is offered a choice of awards established by the company and approved by Amazon. It can be both free products and discounts, or the digital currency of the service where the user performed the “moments.”

Indeed, such enticing loyalty bonuses are fantastic, but they will hardly bring you any real case. On the other hand, Amazon cashback will help you get real cash transferred to your bank account, e-wallet, or credit card.

The cashback system has its peculiarities, so, it is crucial to know how it works. Amazon enters into partnership with certain reliable cashback websites and establishes an agreement, according to which it promises to refund some percentage of money spent by customers brought by that cashback provider.

How to Get Cashback from Amazon?

How to use Amazon cashback? Well, it is mostly up to you, but firstly, you should learn the step-by-step process of getting cashback from the famous online retailer. Hence, to become eligible for receiving the reward, adhere to the following rules:

  • Become a registered member of a chosen cashback service that cooperates with Amazon.
  • Find the company’s logo on the main page and click the link to go to Amazon.com.
  • Put the goods or services you are planning to buy into your shopping cart and make a payment for them.
  • Make sure the cashback was recorded and added to your personal cabinet at the cashback site.
  • Wait for the money to be accrued within the specified period.

    It usually takes from several days to a month-and-a-half to get your cashback.

  • Transfer the received refund to your electronic wallet, credit card, or a bank account.

    Take into account the differences in the minimum and maximum withdrawals amounts – they vary from method to method.

Then, the question becomes, how do you choose a suitable Amazon cashback website?

Top Amazon Cashback Sites

With the heyday of online trading, the choice of cashback providers is more than abundant. To get a satisfactory rebate from your Internet shopping experience, one should select a trustworthy service. Among the lots of offers existing today, our best pick is Smarty Sale – a reputable provider of cashback assistance, with over four years of successful cooperation with thousands of online retailers.

Other credible cashback websites are smarty.sale. It is a trusted provider with great customer feedback, several helpful browser plugins, and over 1,100 partnering Internet shops. Two more excellent services are Ebates and Topcashback. They represent international resources with great reviews and a host of lucrative bonuses and sales offers. They endow Amazon buyers with 5-7% cashback, as well as the opportunity to save up to fifty percent off their purchases.

Tip #2: Best Way to Use Amazon Points

Another great way to save money on Amazon is to shop using your accumulated points. As a part of the alluring loyalty program of the platform, such points are rewarded for each of your purchases. The only necessary condition is to have an Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card (registration required), which will undoubtedly facilitate the payment process. The best way to use Amazon points is to choose Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card as the preferred payment option. This program allows customers to cover up to 100% of the cost of their purchases, or to pay for the selected goods only partially.

According to the loyalty points system, every hundred points can be exchanged for one dollar towards the client’s purchase. It is also accessible to see how many bonuses one has collected.

If you wish to save some money when shopping at Amazon.com, follow the next steps:

  • Set Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card as your method of payment.
  • Define how many points you want to use for your purchases.
  • Pay for the chosen products with your bonuses.

Avid online buyers can also redeem the accumulated points for millions of items, Amazon cashback, gift cards, and others. Remember that some of the goods provided by the platform may not be included in this program. They usually are applications, subscriptions, memberships, etc.

Tip #3: Amazon Gift Card Cash Back

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These days, gift certificates are becoming more and more popular. The leading online trading platform also offers an Amazon Gift Card, which any interested shopper can buy as either as a present for another person or yourself. It will allow you not only pay for any desired item or service but to save money on Amazon Internet shopping as well.

Amazon Gift Cards are certificates containing a unique digital code. If the buyer enters this code into their personal account, they will receive an amount of money equal to the face value of the card.

The use of promotional codes, which are widely offered on this trading platform, will help to save extra money and get a certain sum (starting from 10 dollars) as a gift. To do this, you must fulfill the terms of this promotion:

  • Buy a gift certificate of the specified nominal value.
  • When making a purchase, input the Amazon Gift Card Promotional Code into the required field.
  • Save some money with the help of Amazon Gift Card cash back!

Often, debiting money from the payment card is carried out in two steps: blockage – while placing the goods to the shopping cart, and debiting – when the chosen products have been sent. Luckily, Amazon Gift Card allows avoiding such inconveniences.

The most convenient way to purchase a gift certificate from Amazon is to purchase it directly at the online store. There are two options: a physical plastic card, which can be given to your friend/spouse/family member, or an electronic code, which will be immediately delivered to the specified email address. Make sure that the Amazon Gift Card Code is indicated in the text.

Tip #4: What Is Discover Cashback Bonus on Amazon?

Those who have already enjoyed a galore of nice bonuses, promos and cashback options presented by the world-know retailer, may now wonder how to use Discover Cashback on Amazon. First of all, we need to clarify what is Discover Card and how to take advantage of its collaboration with Amazon.com.

A renowned American company “Discover Financial Services” together with a store chain “Seras” first introduced Discover Card in 1985. To date, this credit card is considered almost as popular as Visa, American Express, and MasterCard. Hence, it is not surprising that Amazon established a partnership with this brand.

Amazon fans have a chance to get Discover Cashback Bonus when buying products at their favorite trading platform. Thus, new holders of Discover It Cash Back who applied for a credit card via the link designated at the Amazon website will be greeted with a 75-dollar statement credit. The only condition is to buy something at Amazon.com during the first three months after receiving a Discover Card.

The latter also features some lucrative welcoming bonuses, but the cashback option applies only for your first purchase. Additionally, with the use of this card, online Amazon shoppers receive 5% cashback on numerous products and services.

One more important note: to become eligible for Discover Card ownership a subsequent obtainment of Discover Cashback bonus on Amazon, the client must have a decent credit record. Also, if you already own two Discover credit cards, it is highly unlikely for you to participate in the Discover It Cash Back program.

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